Charolais Carcase Classic Competition

The Charolais Society of Australia held the Queensland Feedlot trial (Charolaise Carcase Classic) competition presentation in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary celebratory dinner (postponed from 2020). Palgrove attended the dinner held in Toowoomba and it was a fantastic night catching up with Charolais breeders and sharing some great stories of what’s brought the breed to where it is today.
We were honoured to see our pen of Charolais X heifers be awarded in the inaugural Charolais Carcase Classic Competition;

  • ???? Champion Overall Feedlot Weight Gain
  • ???? Champion Feedlot Weight Gain – heifer division
  • ???? Champion Feedlot weight gain pen – heifer division
  • ???? 2nd place Feedlot heifer weight gain
  • ???? 1st place Highest Value Add heifer
  • ???? 3rd place Highest Value Add heifer

We thank the Qld Charolais committee for organising the competition as well as congratulate our entire Palgrove team for their contribution to our breeding programs.

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