2022 Paddock to Palate Competition – Palgrove Success

???? 2022 RNA Paddock to Palate Competition – Palgrove Genetics have again come out on top in the weight gain phase of the competition.????

A Pen of our Charolais and Charolais Angus cross steers were major winners, winning the overall pen of six in Class 40A (100 Day HGP Free) with an ADG 2.557kg.

Two steers in the winning pen also recorded the highest individual weight gains of the HGP free section of 2.91kg and 2.8kg. This is why we believe our Bulls are “Bred to Deliver” and show Palgrove genetics are the natural growth promotant.

It is exciting to see Palgrove Genetics producing top quality cattle for other operations as well, with a pen of Angus X Ultrablack steers from the Crombie family’s Aurelian Pastoral Co placing second in Class 38 (70 day) with an ADG of 3.160.
The same pen entered by the Crombie family also produced the highest individual weight gain result of 3.786kg.

Thankyou to the EKKA 2022 RNA Paddock to Palate Committee and JBS for a great day at the feedlot. We look forward to the next phase of the competition and to see how the end product tastes. ????

To read more results – CLICK HERE

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