This is one hell of a ‘beef bull’ – He’s sleek skinned, optimum frame with the depth of flank to indicate his doing ability and softness.

His US bred sire, Foundation, is a real performance sire with an excellent sheath design and strong carcase traits. We love what Foundation is producing and are using 7 plus Foundation sons in our program.

Quantum is the ideal ‘Beef Bull’ – Medium framed, sleek skinned, big scrotal, weighs like lead with a great sires head, which is renowned on the Guardian progeny.

He was the high selling Ultrablack bull in our 2021 sale at $35,000. On the day of sale he was 25 months weighed 912kg, fat of 12/9mm, 44cm scrotal, IMF of 5.8% and a huge EMA of 150 square centimetres.

We use Quantum to moderate frame, improve sheath design and add that extra thickness.

Impressive Business Line son that was retained for his extra length, bone and capacity – He was always a stand out in his group.

He is stamped with the presences and extension we expect in the Business Line progeny.

Used heavily as a walking sire and also in AI – we expect the progeny to have a touch more frame, extra length and with plenty of thickness.

A second generation Ultrablack with the hip and butt shape we aim to breed in our cattle.

One of the higher ranking bulls for IMF in our 2022 sale where he sold for $38,000.

High positive Weaning Weight EBV with positive Fat Cover and Marbling. He’s a moderate boned, high yielding type that will be used in our herd to improve carcase shape without compromising on IMF.

Upstanding sire that was used as a yearling before selling in 2022 for $50,000.

He has a touch more performance with stacks of volume and capacity, yet moves like a cat. He has plenty of length and bone, big scrotal and ideal sheath design.

A bull we will use to add extra performance and frame – structurally he is faultless.

Another Networth son showing the typical fleshing, carcase and style that combines the maternal strength from the Millah Murrah Abigail female line.

He’s easy fleshing, thick butted, with a good skin and strong sires head.

Retained sire – EBV’s suggest he is a yield improving bull with a top 20% ranking in Retail Beef Yield.

We love the style and fleshing in this bull – he has always stood out and we used him as a yearling.

He sold in our record breaking sale in 2022 for $60,000 and a semen share was retained.

Typical of the Networth progeny, he has the ideal combination of carcase and doing ability with an EMA ranking in the top 10% and fat cover in the top 5%.

No matter what colour or breed Revolution really is the ideal beef bull! He was the highest selling Ultrablack bull in Australia at $70,000, selling in 2022.

He epitomises what we are aiming to breed in our Ultrablack program – sleek skinned, ideal sheath design, big scrotal with great carcase shape.

He was used as a yearling, and heavily in AI programs. His first progeny are due in Autumn 2023.

Csonka is a legend in the US Brangus breed, out of the world famous Brinks herd and brings explosive growth, excellent carcass & fertility to the pedigree.

He is ranked in the breed’s top 1-5% for 200,400 & 600D Wt; Milk and Scrotal.

Hombre is a powerful Brangus bull. He adds thickness, volume & bone and has it all well positioned on a medium frame. He is a benchmark Brangus sire in the USA.

He ranks in the top 10% of the Brangus breed for all Growth traits, EMA and Scrotal.