Imported bull from the Silverstream stud in New Zealand which Palgrove owns the Australian Semen rights. Sold in 2023 for $65,000 (NZ Charolais Record).
Homozygous Bull with the added bone, performance, substance and softness.

Red Factor Kudos son that sold in 2019 with a semen share retained.

He’s a high $Indexing bull (top 2%) with a great blend of EBV’s from moderate Birth Weight, Trait Leader for
Weaning and Yearling Weight with high positive Carcase (top 1% EMA) and positive Fat.

We are really impressed with Nullabor’s ability to combine carcase and softness in his progeny.

Possibly the most influential sire in the Palgrove program.

High positive Growth, EMA and Fat Cover EBV’s with IMF% in the top 5% and a Trait Leader for Milk.
Landmark progeny sold at auction have grossed more then $600,000 with sons topping at $60,000
and yearling heifers to $24,000.

We believe this is the best New Look son we have bred to date! Cracking pedigree with built in performance –
Keystone, Bond, Howzat, Barrister, Viagra and the renowned Panache female line.
He’s deep and soft, great skin type with a big scrotal. High positive Growth traits, EMA in the top 1% and
Retail Yield in the top 10%.

Statement sold at our 2023 Annual Sale for $50,000.

He is long and smooth in his muscle pattern with a soft supple skin. We really appreciate the huge amount of red meat in this bull. Phenomenal cross section of EBV’s with great Calving Ease data combined with high positive Growth, Scrotal Size and Carcase Weight.
A top shelf ‘beef bull’ – he’s a sire with plenty of weight for age, substance and wrapped in an efficient medium frame.

Red Rock was retained and is everything we look for in a modern day Charolais bull – medium framed, thick as a brick, easy fleshing with the added sire appeal.

He has bred in predictability in his pedigree combining Next Gen over a Holster daughter. Used heavily as a walking sire and AI in the spring of 2022.

Tribute left a valuable legacy at Palgrove with his exceptional daughters. His daughters had beautiful udders and nearly all were retained in the herd with the carry-on effect large lines of consistently bred ‘Tribute’ based pedigrees in the herd today.

His sons were correct with plenty of substance and growth. A very low birth weight and high Milk EBV sire.

Prime Mover was a true breed legend! It’s hard to put a value on the influence that his daughters have had at Palgrove. He was used heavily for many years and he left female progeny with volume, perfect udders that are in turn breeding the house down.

His sons were always ‘sale toppers’ with exceptional Muscling and Growth.

Trait Leader for 400 Day and 600 Day Wt.

Quintero was one of Palgrove’s benchmark sires. He remained totally sound and active until 12 years of age and his numerous daughters born at Palgrove formed the backbone of the stud in the Nineties.

His sons were sought-after for their strong constitution, tremendous length and performance.

A Trait Leader for 400 Day and 600 Day Wt, with exceptional Muscling and complementary Fat Cover EBVs.

Xodus was a consistent producer of bulls with easy fleshing ability, body capacity, natural thickness and superfine haircoat.

His sons were always in demand from commercial cattlemen across the country.

A Trait Leader for 200D Wt and Milk and is in the top percentiles for Growth and Eye Muscle Area.