RNA Paddock to Palate Competition Winners for an Unprecedented 4th Consecutive Year

The three-phase competition attracts some of Australia’s best producers in what is the nation’s richest beef competition of its kind. It allows us to benchmark our cattle against the best and prove the commercial focus we apply to our genetics. The competition runs across three classes; Class 37 – 100 day grain fed; Class 38 – 70 day domestic and Class 40 – 100 day HGP free.
We consistently talk about our genetics adding value at all points of the supply chain (breeder, backgrounder, feed lotter, processor & consumer) – this competition confirms that claim. The cattle are measured on performance in the feedlot (weight gain), carcass quality and eating quality (MSA Index). In the past 4 years Palgrove has not only won overall but has featured with individual wins and placings in all three of these categories.

  • Overall Winner Class 37 – 2018, 2019 (1st & 2nd), 2020 & 2021 (1st & 2nd)
  • Overall Winner Class 40 – 2020 & 2021
  • Champion Carcase Class 37 – 2019 (Pen), 2020 (Individual), 2021 (Individual & Pen)
  • Champion Carcase Class 40 – 2019 (Individual), 2020 (Individual), 2021 (Individual & Pen)
  • Highest Weight Gain – 2019 (Class 37), 2021 (Class 37), 2021 (Class 40)

‘Balance’, is one of our key breeding objectives – by balance we mean not breeding for extremes or one particular trait, but keeping balance across all of the key profit drivers. This breeding objective is the backbone of our success in the Paddock to Palate Competition and reinforces our claim that we are supplying our clients with genetics that have consistently proven to be at the forefront to improve profitability in commercial
beef production.

We firmly believe the consistency of these results doesn’t come from selecting the right steers for the competition – it’s from continuously challenging ourselves to ‘raise the bar’ through decades of strict selection for efficient cattle with superior performance that is now firmly entrenched in the ‘Palgrove DNA’.

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