MSA Feedback Trial Win

We were very proud to have been announced as the Overall Winner in the Primex MSA Feedback Trial held recently in Casino with a pen of our Charolais x Ultrablack steers. This is the first time we have entered the Charolais x Ultrablack in a trial so the results were very pleasing.

The competition is compliant with the Woolworths MSA grain-fed program and aims to benchmark performance in conditions that replicate as closely as possible cattle entering the grain-fed, MSA graded, domestic supply chain. The competition criteria selected those animals that not only met the final requirements for carcase quality but are also profitable at each stage along the chain.

Detailed feedback was collected on individual and group animal performance for feedlot gain, compliance of carcases to market specifications, lean meat yield and eating quality. Carcase judging for the competition was based on the Australian Beef Carcase Appraisal System (ABCAS) for domestic market requirements and lean meat yield calculations was based on updated beef industry research.

The winning team is recognised for being the one which is most profitable throughout the supply chain. The Primex MSA Performance Feedback Trial was
conducted in conjunction with MLA/MSA, Woolworths, Teys Australia and B-Feeder Feedlot Rodgers Ck.

This win comes on the heels of another important commercial industry benchmarking trial where Palgrove again picked up the Overall Winner award, the RNA Paddock to Palate 2018.

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