‘First of our Finest’
Ultrablack Sale

Thursday 9th May 2024

12 Ultrablack Females | 5 Ultrablack Bulls

Beef Australia 2024
Centre Ring, 5.30pm
(Following the Conclusion of Interbreed)
Sale will be Interfaced with AuctionsPlus

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We provide superior, well researched,
high performance genetics, backed by science and data,
that consistently improve performance.

Palgrove is setting new benchmarks in the areas of performance, innovation and support to future generations of beef producers in Australia. Our purpose is to breed adaptable, functional Charolais and Ultrablack cattle that increase fertility, achieve high compliance rates and are backed by our leading support and service.

Leaders in breeding, sourcing and measuring high performing genetics that improve profitability and efficiency in commercial beef production.

Our investment in breeding, recording and data has enabled us to help shape the breeds into the functional and market adaptable cattle they have become today.

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