Annual Bull Sale

FRIDAY 13th SEPT 2019  

90 Charolais – 63 Ultrablack Bulls at “Strathgarve”, Dalveen, Qld (Click for Directions)

Pre-Sale Video Click Here: Single Lot videos: Lot 3Lot 1Lot 4Lot 91 (UB)Lot 101 (UB)Lot 146 (UB)

Buyers – 2019 is your year!

The eastern States face challenging times and as a result, bull sale prices will no doubt ease. We’ve seen the cycle before and know that while it’s tough just focusing on the daily management of cattle and feeding, a year like this provides you with the perfect window to upgrade your sire power at affordable rates.

The very real ‘genetic gain’ that Palgrove bulls offer year after year is supported by genuine feedback:

    • Palgrove sired progeny boost the returns of our stud clients at their bull sales
    • Commercial weaners sired by Palgrove bulls command a premium at major sales.
    • Agents, processors and feedlotters report is that there is genuine demand for ‘Palgrove blood’ cattle right across the value chain.
    • Check out Palgrove’s results at the RNA Paddock to Palate competition


Palgrove genetics are bred with true ‘balance’ across all the profit traits. You’ll see it across the sale catalogue. Whether you’re seeking faster early weight gain; a boost to your herd’s fertility; carcase (eye muscle; fat cover and marbling) or looking for sire that will get you to a range of markets more efficiently – we guarantee that you will find one of our sale bulls to fit your requirements.

We undertake actual measurements and submit more trait (fertility, weight and carcase) information to Breedplan than any other breeder in the country. This means with Palgrove EBVs, you don’t have to rely on ‘approximates’, calculated simply on pedigree-based information.

Make 2019 the year that you invest in Palgrove Sire Power!

Hope to see you on Friday 13th September for our Palgrove Annual Sale at ‘Strathgarve’.

Download the Catalogue Now. Contact Ben Noller Ph: 0427 700 949 for more details.

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