Annual Bull Sale

FRIDAY 8th SEPT 2017 – 170 Bulls at “Strathgarve”, Dalveen, Qld (Click for Directions)

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to our 33rd ANNUAL BULL SALE 2017.

Watch our Bull Sale Story  – click link below.

This sale represents the very essence of what we are trying to achieve in our breeding programme at Palgrove – real ‘genetic gain’ that will enable the progeny you breed to improve ‘year in year out’.

If you want ‘herd improving’ stud sire or you’re a commercial producer seeking faster early weight gain; wanting to improve the ‘balance’ of the carcass traits (eye muscle; fat cover and marbling) or simply looking to get your cattle to a range of target markets more efficiently – we guarantee that you will find one of our 110 Charolais bulls to fit your requirements.

We offer Angus genetics that carry added heat tolerance; extra kilograms and fertility from the hybrid vigour ‘free lunch’ to your black breeding programme. If you want these benefits without compromising meat quality and market demand – then look no further than our 60 Ultrablack bulls.

We may be one of the largest seedstock producers in Australia, but regardless of our herd size, Palgrove cattle are all individuals and we remain committed to continually improving each and every animal we breed for our clients.

Before our females are even joined – we monitor, weigh, measure and record every detail of that animal’s life. Our longstanding and total commitment to performance recording is, at times, challenging with such large numbers, but we guarantee you that this commitment is entrenched in everything we do at Palgrove.

It’s an honour to present the 110 Charolais and 59 Ultrablack bulls to our long term and first time clients. We hope to see you on Friday 8th September 2017 at 12
noon for our Palgrove Annual Sale 2017 at ‘Strathgarve’, Dalveen.

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