The 'Killaloo' property at Drillham is situated on the Warrego Highway, 21 kms west of Miles and 120 kms east of Roma, Queensland. Killaloo is our Bull Depot, where Paddock bulls are for sale year round.

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Key Information

Land Area

1,650.61 hectares


Situated on the Warrego Highway, 21 kms west of Miles, QLD.

Property Manager

Ben O'Dwyer

Land Type

Topography & Vegetation Killaloo Aggregation” comprises predominately gently undulating plains with predominately brigalow with softwood scrub, with areas of poplar boxtowards Drillham Creek.

Mean Annual Rainfall

Annual average rainfall of 26 inches.

Cattle Grazing Capacity

775 Adult Equivalents (AE)

Killaloo Team

Ben O’Dwyer

Ben O’Dwyer

James Barton

James Barton