We’re all about BEEF

Producing superior beef cattle genetics is all about the end game – the beef!

With this in mind, Palgrove cattle are selected to ensure that our clients can consistently achieve high percentage compliance rates at the processors in both domestic and export beef markets.

Our cattle are bred in the same environments as our commercial clients. We maintain an efficient, productive cow herd, selected on the basis of science and practical assessment.

Our females demonstrate the following commercially relevant traits:

  1. Constitution – ability to ride out lows of nutrition.
  2. Fertility – ability to rebreed in a short joining period under prevailing nutrition levels.
  3. Adaptability – ability to respond positively to fluctuating nutritional and climatic environments.
  4. Production Efficiency – ability to convert available feed.

Every Palgrove bull that leaves our front gate is a product of a breeding program that places maximum emphasis on moderate birth weights, optimum yields, efficient weight gain, the ability to lay down fat cover off-grass or in the feedlot and survivability.

Our breeding programme aims for a balanced set of EBV traits, backed up by a strict visual appraisal for structure; overall quality; doing ability; temperament and soundness. Commercially unprofitable cattle are eliminated.

We utilise technologies such as embryo transplanting, IVF, artificial insemination, genomic analysis and objective measurements (EBVs) to achieve genetic gain in each generation of Palgrove cattle.

Palgrove genetics begin and end with an eye on the final product which gives us the confidence to say, “We’re all about BEEF”. View Video