Our Cattle

Ultrablack, Brangus & Angus

Palgrove has been breeding Angus and Brangus purebred bulls for many years. Since 2009 we have pioneered the development of the Palgrove Ultrablack. These genetics were developed to cater to clients who require black hided bulls that retain a small percentage of Brahman (maximum 20% Brahman infusion only).

The bulls resemble a ‘tropical Angus’ with a sleek coat, pliable hide and the constitution that comes from their ‘hint of Bos Indicus’ and have the ‘meat quality of Angus in a tolerant heat package’.

The versatile Palgrove Ultrablacks work best as a second or third breed in a crossbreeding program over Bos Indicus or British breed commercial females and are equally at home in northern or southern production regions of Australia.