Charolais Rising Stars

Some of the young Charolais bulls that will shape the Palgrove herd over the next few years. We’re focused on introducing more polled genetics into the herd without losing the constitution that Palgrove cattle are known for.

CSS Sir Gridmaker 2W (P)

Sir Gridmaker is a true calving ease specialist without losing the ‘grunt’ that we insist on maintaining in our polled breeding program. National Champion Charolais Bull in Canada 2011 with Australian semen rights owned exclusively by Palgrove.

He is top 5% of the breed for Gestation Length and low Birth Weight and will complement our breeding herd to ensure calving ease remains a No. 1 priority at Palgrove.

Pedigree and EBVs

Palgrove Gallant (P)

Gallant is a low birth weight polled, sire that has been a standout since he was a calf. His pedigree is about as reliable as bloodlines get. He has an awesome temperament and real strength of loin and plenty of length.

He is an extremely well balanced bull physically and genetically carries top end of the breed EBVs for Scrotal Size, Milk, Growth and Carcass.

Pedigree and EBVs

Silverstream Evolution (P)

Our new polled sire from New Zealand has proven himself to be a standout performer for the Silverstream herd. The quality in his progeny is eye-catching and he calves easily but maintains the substance and bone that is essential in harsher environments.

Canadian semen rights were purchased at Agribition in 2013 for $22,500NZ. His semen has been limited in Australia to only two studs and Palgrove is excited by the prospects of this new outcross sire.

Pedigree and EBVs

Palgrove Formula (P) ET

The ultimate polled sire with performance you can see. He has balance, substance and ‘show stopping’ eye appeal.

A curve bender for Growth EBVs with below average Birth Weight moving to top 15% for 400D Wt to top 10% of the breed for 600D Wt.

His sound structure, great temperament and softness complete this exciting new sire.

Pedigree and EBVs

Charolais Proven Performers

These Charolais bulls have been responsible for shaping our female herd in the last few years. These sires have produced hundreds of commercial sale bulls with breed leading EBVs that consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

Palgrove Casino (P)

Casino has been brought back into the herd for stud duties after inspecting his first group of Charbray calves in North Qld. The consistent quality in the calves was exceptional.

He is tested homozygous polled and represents our pursuit of polled genetics that maintain the ‘grunt’ and constitution.

Moderate birth weight with top 5% for 200Day Wt and an exceptional top 10% for both Eye Muscle Area and Fat Cover.

Pedigree and EBVs

Platinum Wind-Fall (P)

Windfall has been a consistent sire for Palgrove over many breeding seasons and has added a magic line of females to the herd.

His progeny are easy fleshing and maintain great muscling and excellent fat cover and marbling.

He is a breed Trait Leader for Scrotal Size and ranks in the top 5% of the breed for Fat Cover and top 15% for Marbling.

Pedigree and EBVs

Palgrove Foresight (P)

Foresight is a young polled sire that has a stack of performance. He combines the best bloodlines produced at Palgrove with the strength of Quintero and Wind-Fall in his pedigree.

Great constitution and he was the highest daily weight gain bull from 200 contemporaries in his drop at Palgrove – a polled sire with all the right traits and semen rights sold to New Zealand.

Top 10% of the breed for 200Day, 400Day and 600Day Wt and top 5% for Eye Muscle Area.

Pedigree and EBVs

Palgrove Crackerjack

A true ‘beef bull’ – his sons are very consistent in type and impress for their top percentile weight gain, sire appeal and softness.

He maintains the yield, muscling and weight in his progeny but they have the ability to add fat cover where it counts.

He is a Trait Leader for 600D Wt and top 1% of the breed for Milk and top 5% for Eye Muscle Area.

Pedigree and EBVs

Palgrove Defender

Defender breeds exceptional commercial bulls with great thickness, mobility, sleek hair type and constitution.

His progeny grow fast early and have the consistency to warrant his inclusion in the Palgrove sire battery for a number of years.

He is a Trait Leader for Scrotal Size and ranks in the top 10% of the breed for Growth EBVs.

Pedigree and EBVs

Palgrove Courage

Courage is our well balanced, ‘no miss’ sire. He is a bull that can be bred over any type of female and consistently produce the ideal beef type. His sons have featured heavily as ‘sale toppers’ in the last few years.

He is a solid and consistent performer to maintain balance in our female herd.

High percentile Growth and Eye Muscle EBVs yet with excellent Fat Cover to add balance to the carcass shape of his progeny.

Pedigree and EBVs

Palgrove Calibre (P)

Calibre (P) has produced ‘curve-bending’ progeny with low birth weight to strong performance growth and carcass. This is a real ‘industry’ bull whose progeny suit the local trade or fed through to export weight off grass.

Exceptional length and perfect structure – a bull that also adds plenty of milk to his female progeny.

He is a Trait Leader for 200D Wt & Scrotal with top percentile Fat Cover EBVs.

Pedigree and EBVs

Palgrove Barrister (P)

Barrister (P) is a cornerstone sire in our polled program. He produces low birth weight progeny and his bulls have been in strong demand from commercial producers in a range of markets.

He is a Trait Leader for Scrotal Size with low Birth Weight, consistent growth EBVs.

Pedigree and EBVs

Charolais Foundation Sires

Our foundation sires provided a strong early influence on the type of cattle that Palgrove still produces today. These bulls provided the maternal strength in the pedigrees, the substance and the quiet disposition that has become the hallmark of Palgrove genetics.

Palgrove Xodus

Xodus was a consistent producer of bulls with easy fleshing ability, body capacity, natural thickness and superfine haircoat.

His sons were always in demand from commercial cattlemen across the country.

A Trait Leader for 200D Wt and Milk and is in the top percentiles for Growth and Eye Muscle Area.

Pedigree and EBVs

Palgrove Quintero

Quintero was one of Palgrove’s benchmark sires. He remained totally sound and active until 12 years of age and his numerous daughters born at Palgrove formed the backbone of the stud in the Nineties.

His sons were sought-after for their strong constitution, tremendous length and performance.

A Trait Leader for 400 Day and 600 Day Wt, with exceptional Muscling and complementary Fat Cover EBVs.

Pedigree and EBVs

Fernvale Prime Mover

Prime Mover was a true breed legend! It’s hard to put a value on the influence that his daughters have had at Palgrove. He was used heavily for many years and he left female progeny with volume, perfect udders that are in turn breeding the house down.

His sons were always ‘sale toppers’ with exceptional Muscling and Growth.

Trait Leader for 400 Day and 600 Day Wt.

Pedigree and EBVs

Palgrove Tribute

Tribute left a valuable legacy at Palgrove with his exceptional daughters. His daughters had beautiful udders and nearly all were retained in the herd with the carry-on effect large lines of consistently bred ‘Tribute’ based pedigrees in the herd today.

His sons were correct with plenty of substance and growth. A very low birth weight and high Milk EBV sire.

Pedigree and EBVs

Ultrablack Herd Developers

Triple B G112 (P)

G112 has been a standout since birth. He’s balanced with a sire’s outlook, bone, clean underline, excellent temperament, slick coated, extreme width and packed full of beef in a moderate frame. One of the highest priced Brangus bulls to sell in Australia in 2013.

He is in the top 1% of the breed for Eye Muscle Area, top 5% for Retail Beef Yield, top 10% for 400 Day Wt.

Pedigree and EBVs

Palgrove Hardy H11 (P)

Hardy is our newest sire and is the first of the Palgrove Ultrablack bulls to be used in the breeding program.

He is sired by Csonka, one of the Brangus breed’s legends and out of a donor Angus female that has already produced ‘sale topping’ Angus sale bulls.

His natural thickness and capacity along with a sire’s head and bone will ensure he achieves both optimum calving percentages and weaning weights. He has the hair type and carcass traits to add great commercial value.

Pedigree and EBVs

CB Hombre 541T (P)

Hombre is a powerful Brangus bull. He adds thickness, volume & bone and has it all well positioned on a medium frame. He is a benchmark Brangus sire in the USA.

He ranks in the top 10% of the Brangus breed for all Growth traits, EMA and Scrotal.

Pedigree and EBVs

Csonka of Brinks 30R4 (P)

Csonka is a legend in the US Brangus breed, out of the world famous Brinks herd and brings explosive growth, excellent carcass & fertility to the pedigree.

He is ranked in the breed’s top 1-5% for 200,400 & 600D Wt; Milk and Scrotal.

Pedigree and EBVs