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September 30, 2024


About Us

Palgrove genetics are ‘bred to deliver’

Palgrove boasts Australia’s largest registered Charolais herd and is renowned for its Ultrablack genetics. With 3,600 registered cattle in its seedstock herd and an equal number in its commercial enterprise, Palgrove operates across five properties spanning over 25,000ha in Southern Queensland and New South Wales.

Join us in achieving our vision to be a leader in beef genetics, best-practice land management and employer of choice in the Australian beef industry. Be a part of shaping the industry’s future through innovation and sustainability whilst building a fulfilling career by joining the Palgrove Graduate program.

LOCATIONS Killaloo Drillham, QLD Glen Wilga Chinchilla, QLD Palgrove Dalveen, QLD Ben Lomond Maybole, NSW Macintyre Station Bukkulla, NSW

About our program

At Palgrove, we’re dedicated to operational excellence, fuelled by our belief in the power of training and mentorship.

Palgrove’s Seedstock Graduate Program spans two years, combining on-the-job training, mentoring and external opportunities for a deep understanding of seedstock operations and leadership development in genetics, operations and business.

Graduates will be employed on a full time basis and paid a competitive salary. After completing the program, graduates will be eligible to apply for a permanent role within the business.

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1. Seedstock operation (12 Months)

Embark on an enriching journey with our seedstock team, exploring the complexities of
cattle stud operations through hands-on involvement in stud cattle management, on-farm
analysis and strategic planning, acquiring valuable practical and theoretical insights along
the way.

Competencies Acquired:

  • Genetic selection and performance
  • The impact of genetics on a herd
  • Reproductive technologies (AI, IVF, ET, Natural)
  • Animal health and husbandry
  • Pasture analysis, budget and management
  • Capital allocation analysis
  • Stocking and carrying capacity analysis

2. Livestock Administration or Corporate Office (12 months)

In your final year, you’ll delve into Palgrove’s management practices, gaining insight into our strategies for maintaining high operational standards.

You’ll also undertake a six-month research project, collaborating with a senior leader on a topic of mutual and strategic interest.

Competencies Acquired:

  • DNA collection and management
  • Strategic breeding programs
  • Sustainability and environmental management
  • Pedigree registrations and verification
  • Corporate governance
  • Business analysis

Application Closes

September 30, 2024

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If you’re passionate about beef genetics, best practice land management, innovation and sustainability, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of agriculture. Gain invaluable experience and seize opportunities for personal and professional growth with the Palgrove Graduate program.


  • Degree in Agriculture, Rural Science, Agribusiness or similar
  • Cattle handling experience preferred
  • Full Australian working rights is required


  1. Why do you want to be a part of the Palgrove Graduate Program?
  2. What is your understanding of how genetics impacts the success of a commercial operation?
  3. Palgrove is committed to working safely. Provide an example of a time you have demonstrated your ability to work safely.
  4. What are the defining traits of the Charolais breed that makes it a high-performing breed?
  5. What distinct traits of Palgrove’s Ultrablack make them a preferred choice?

How to Apply

Submit your resume to

Contact or Vanessa on 0418 190 106 if you have any queries