Our History

In 1969, Peter and Valerie Bondfield ran Shorthorn and Brahman beef cattle on their marginal cattle country near Stanthorpe in Qld. They concluded that the only way to increase profitability off the limited land base was to introduce new genetics. The ‘game changer’ came in the form of the Charolais breed, which offered more weight and higher yields over their existing commercial females.

They soon realised that these magnificent French cattle could revolutionise crossbreeding in Australia. Palgrove Charolais stud was born in 1970 and a new era began for the Bondfield family.

For over forty years, we have adapted our Charolais genetics through a commitment to research, education, new technologies and a common sense ‘cattleman’s eye’ to suit clients’ environmental and management conditions. Palgrove now has the largest registered Charolais herd in Australia.

More recently, Palgrove pioneered the development of the Ultrablack breed in Australia. The development of the Ultrablack was a direct response to client requests to develop a suitable third breed for use in Charolais/Brahman crossbreeding programmes in northern Australia. An Angus based composite seemed to be an obvious choice but the limitations associated with purebred Angus in harsher environments had to be overcome.

In 2009, Palgrove started breeding Ultrablack, an Angus/Brangus fixed composite that retained the meat quality and fertility of the Angus breed but had the heat tolerance and survivability built in from the Brangus genetics.

This versatile breed is now adding value in southern as well as northern commercial herds.

Although still based near Stanthorpe (Qld), Palgrove livestock and properties now spread across Queensland and NSW. The stud currently runs around 5,000 head of registered cattle.